10 Reasons for pursuing CIMA-CGMA with Gurukul.education

Charted Institute of Management Accounting is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants. If you want to shape your career in the fields of business and finance, CIMA qualification shows you the best path. Here are a few reasons for becoming a Charted Global Management Accountant through CIMA:

1. Worldwide: CIMA-CGMA opens the door for you to work anywhere in the world with biggest multi-national companies and professionals of finance and management. CIMA-CGMA is recognized in 184 countries all over the world.

2. Flexible: CIMA-CGMA provides you with flexible syllabus and on-demand exams which makes it easy for you to study and lessens your burden.

3. Interesting: The course is interesting and absorbing as there is much more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge which will help you to co-relate things with the outside world.

4. Prepares you for your Future: CIMA-CGMA helps you to apply your knowledge into your own business. It will help you develop and inculcate business skills within you. Also these skills will help you to lead in any of the multi-national companies.

5. Recognized Qualification: CPA Australia and CIMA are both sharing a common interest in the career development and advancement of accounting profession. Also by doing CIMA and becoming a CGMA you can also pursue CMA in India by getting various exemptions. Doing CIMA will also benefit you for opting ACCA.

6. Packages: By doing CIMA-CGMA you can earn packages above 10 lakhs. According to the surveys conducted, a person who has cleared all the levels of CIMA and has a relevant work experience can get a package of 30 lakhs and above in a year.

7. Companies hiring CIMA students: Tata Steel, Deloitte, Diageo, Ministry of Defence, Shell, Hindustan Unilever, Dell and many more such companies hire CIMA-CGMA students and offer great jobs.

8. Personal Attention: At Gurukul, every student’s record is maintained and tracked regularly. The Batches are made with small number of students so that personal attention can be given to everyone.

9. Atmosphere of Gurukul: Gurukul.education is a place where you learn numerous things as well as you enjoy studying. Gurukul provides you with a great friendly and a homely atmosphere where you assimilate and grasp what you learn.

10. Other activities at Gurukul.education: There are various activities like Group Discussions, Debates, Personality Development, and many other soft skill development programmes which are conducted at Gurukul for the overall development of your personality. Doing these activities will help you to grow and expand your knowledge and skills along with the studies.