• Manav Makhija

Rishikesh – A Trip to Remember Forever

Sweltering days of Nagpur, the regular boring routine of life and hectic study schedule needed a break! And so, we, Gurukul’s students and faculty decided to go on a peaceful vacation to Rishikesh.

The fresh and shimmering water of River Ganges, pleasant breeze across the mountains, the peace in temples and yoga capital of the world was so fascinating that we couldn’t wait for more.

The Journey Begins…..

On 2nd of June 2017, all the bags were packed and we were set to start are rejuvenating vacation to Rishikesh. Our train New Delhi Rajdhani Express was scheduled for Delhi at 3:15 p.m. It takes around 16 hours to reach Delhi from Nagpur. Chatting and Playing with friends is always fun which was the major part of our train journey. Early morning after having a good breakfast we headed to Delhi Bus terminal to get a Bus to Rishikesh. It takes more 7 hours to cover 250kms from Delhi. Playing cards, music and cracking jokes made the journey more remarkable. No sooner we could see the huge mountains, dense forests, white water of the river and scenic beauty of Rishikesh.

Day 1: Our Arrival

We checked in hotel Vishla Palace in the afternoon, where we had booked the rooms prior. Getting some rest was a must after a long journey, so we went into our rooms, took some rest and were ready to see the beauty of this place. It was pleasant breezy evening when we had our feet forward to touch the holy and sacred land of Rishikesh.

The First place we visited was Lakshman Jhula. It is an iron suspension bridge over the river Ganga and is a very famous landmark there. It is 450 feet long and is 70 feet high from the river. There was a huge crowd there, the localites and tourists getting from one end to the other, clicking pictures and enjoying the pleasant gush of mystic air. After having a good time there, it was now the turn for tasting the delicacies of this wonderful place. We had a wonderful dinner there and took a good night walk to the hotel. The day ended with lots of fun and joy at the hotel.

Day 2: The Adventure

The following day was planned for trekking. All of us were full of enthusiasm and energy that morning. On the hot sunny day, we walked on the roads for around 6 km, navigated our routes and reached Garud Chatti waterfall. The small and beautiful waterfall was inside the dense forest. The cold water and charm of that picturesque spot are just impossible to describe in a few words. After enjoying the splashy water of Garud Chatti waterfall we visited Garud Chatti Temple. It was the first temple of Lord Garud in India. And again our trek continued. Getting back to Tapovan we visited Honey Hut café. It was a very cozy place with lovely food. Also, we visited the local market for shopping. In the evening, we went to the banks of river Ganga, Parmarth Niketan. Each day thousands of visitors, of all religions, cultures, and languages from all across the globe come to see the beautiful and mesmerizing sunset Ganga aarti. It was bliss. The prayers, chants, and light of the moment were breathtaking. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day with joy and peace of the soul. We ended the day by having dinner at one of the famous dhaba there and playing wonderful games on the hotel’s terrace. The night was fun.

Day 3: The White Water Rafting

This was the most exciting. After all, it was time for the white water rafting! There were many agencies who conducted this activity. When we reached there, we were all guided about rafting and techniques, how to use a paddle, when to take pauses, etc. No sooner we reached the cliff and jumped into the water. The raft was pushed into the rapid flow of water. The whole river rafting was filled with shouts of extreme joy and happiness. The flow of water was very uncertain and kept changing every minute. It was fun to compete with other river rafters. The tides made the river rafting more adventurous. The whole 12km long stretch was no more scary and fun than a roller-coaster ride. It was one of the best things we had on the whole trip to Rishikesh. After so much fun, we visited Neelkanth Mahadev Temple situated on the top one of the mountains of Rishikesh. It is the temple where Lord Shiva consumed the venom. At this temple coconut, honey, flowers, fruits, milk and holy water are offered to the lord.

Day 4: The Industrial Visit

The next day, early in the morning at 5:00 a.m. we visited Parmarth Niketan for meditation and yoga. This activity, on the shore, made us replenish with positive energy.

We had our Industrial visit on this day. We visited Chopra Autotech Pvt. Ltd. It is involved in manufacturing machinery and equipment's. They are one of the leading manufacturers of sheet metal, tubular components and assemblies for a large number of clients in the automobile sector. The CIMA students of our institute were able to co-relate their theoretical knowledge with the practical applications at the industry. The whole visit was very helpful and mind boggling. The students also had a word with the Managing Director and the staff. It was overall a wonderful experience.

Day 5: The Last Day at Rishikesh

On this day we visited Beatles ashram and café. It was inspired by the preaching of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was very skilled in yoga and meditation, when the famous band ‘THE BEATLES’ set foot upon this sacred place, it was an eye-opener for the world. We also visited a few temples at Lakshman Jhula. In the evening we packed our bags and left for Haridwar. At Haridwar, we visited Mansa Devi temple, which was situated on the top of a mountain. This evening trek was more fun as the rain started. Haridwar is considered as the gateway to reach the Gods. At night we took a train for Delhi.

Day 6: Back to Nagpur

Early morning we reached Delhi after completing our 5-day tour to Haridwar and Rishikesh. We took a metro to the airport and landed back to Nagpur by the afternoon.

So this was it! Our trip to Rishikesh was full of fun and enjoyment. It refrains us to remember those mesmerizing memories we made in those five days. It was again a time when we all became a family, Gurukul.education’s family!