About us

About us

About us

About us

PREPPER GURUKUL is a convergence point of the traditional Indian education system delivering relevant courses, skills and knowledge through modern best practices. This has shaped our working philosophy; where we put great emphasis on the teacher-student bond, personalised and life-based learning, delivering contemporary courses with an interactive and joyful learning experience.

The Founders

Mr. Anup Dubey


There was a vision to create a learning place where not only students learnt the subjects but also moral values as well as creating a fun learning environment. Gurukul.Education is the psysical embodiment of this vision.

Gurukul.education is a convergence point of traditional Indian education system delivering relevant courses, skills and knowledge through modern best practices. This has shaped our working philosophy; where we put great emphasis on teacher-student bond, personalised and life based learning, delivering contemporary courses with interactive and joyful learning experience.

Mr. Chitwan Raju Tahalyani


At Gurukul.education, your learning goes beyond academic books. You don’t just study with us at Gurukul.education you share your life with us, and we make sure your life at Gurukul.education is full of growth, exposure, friendship and beyond all full of joyful memories to cherish whole of your LIFE.

You learn to connect what your study with the real world, through industry exposure, visits, internships and guest lecture.You get to live a life not just spent in creating a future, but cherish for your whole life.

Our Mission

To provide students education, using the best contemporary and traditional methods, ensuring learning is a joyful & engaging experience. To nurture their talents, fuel their ambitions, and ignite their minds with knowledge, skills & values that help him/her transform self, society & world in a positive, meaningful & sustainable manner.

Our Vision

To provide world class education, create & build educational resources that transform a student into an ethical professional and a leader, who is skilled to lead the future and proud of his/her heritage.





Experience learning beyond classroom lectures, infused with personal attention, interaction and a unique environment, a place you can call your own we ensure when you study with PREPPER GURUKUL, is a lifetime experience and a joyful one!  Our classroom learning experience is built not only to make you successful in the course you take but in the course of life!

Learning with joy

Industry connect

Fun & friendships 


All at Gurukul.education


The Double Marathon of Fun & Learning

Learnathon™ is the world’s only learning marathon. It’s an event organized by PREPPER GURUKUL with the objective of making learning fun and an ageless experience! Each year Learnathon™ attracts thousands of learners from toddlers to senior citizens and youth, learning a variety of things from Abacus to Zumba, Share Market to Starting A Start-Up, providing a learning opportunity unlike any other.​

PREPPER GURUKUL Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization is present in 143 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.

Gurukul.Education Toastmasters Club started in the year 2018 has been one of the most active and achieveing Toastmasters Club in Nagpur. Our members have outshined in this community.

Some of the achievements include:

  • TM Riya- Triple Crown Award 2020-21
  • Club of the Year Award 2020-21
  • Gloden Eagle Award 2020-21
  • TM Riya – Highest Contributor to Club of The Year Award 2020-21
  • TM Lalit – Outstanding Contributor Award 2020-21
  • TM Gunjan – Golden Feather & Stellar Toastmaster 2020-21
  • Pristine Award 2020-21
  • TM Riya – Pathways Star Award 2020-21
  • TM Lalit – Transparency in Administration Award 2020-21
  • TM Gunjan – PR Torchbearer Award & Outstanding Toastmaster 2020-21
  • Most Active Club Award at Eloquence 2021
  • President’s Distinguished Club 2020-21

Awards by the club:

  • TM Riya – Member of the Year
  • TM Riya – Pathways Champion Award
  • TM Chitwan – Pathways Champion Award
  • TM Riya – Luminous Star Award
  • TM Vishal – Rising Star Award
  • TM Riya – Tripartite Award
  • TM Chitwan – Tripartite Award
  • TM Yash – Contest Maestro Award
  • TM Gunjan – Contest Maestro Award

Online Sessions

At PREPPER GURUKUL, we not only focus on just academics, but we ensure that our students get ready in every field and face every challenege with thier head high. Hence we conduct various educational sessions from various trainers who are achievers in their fields!

Students Working in MNCs & Fortune 500 Companies

Our Extended Family

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