ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the largest and fastest growing accountancy body, with over 400,000 students and 170,000 members worldwide. is the official learning partner of ACCA. Pursuing ACCA qualifications with, ensures that you get the right understanding of the topics to develop your expertise, requisite exposure to industry to relate and know the application of the topics you study with real business, and are nurtured with a supportive environment, where learning is not just about getting through an exam but growing as a person to make your mark and realise your true potential.

You can join our ACCA Classes online or onsite face to face mode or merge both. 


“I had joined for ACCA classes. It was an amazing experience learning under such amazing faculty. Here in gurukul there is a different aura that you feel. There is something really different to the teaching style, more practicality is instituted in the teaching pattern which caught my eye. It is a wonderful experience learning in such a positive place.” 


—  Akshita Chandak, ACCA Student

ACCA Syllabus & Qualification 

The ACCA professional qualification is globally recognised in more than 181 countries. Pursuing ACCA professional qualification opens the doors to the best and most interesting roles all over the world where you can make a successful career in the fields of finance and business accountancy. Employers across the globe seek out ACCA-trained professionals because they know that they have strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values to drive their organizations forward. If you are trying to decide your future in the field’s of finance, if accountancy is the profession you aim for, then this qualification will help you to achieve them. 


The ACCA professional qualification comprises of 14 papers distributed over four levels:

  • Level 1: Knowledge - 3 Papers (F1-F3).

The first level of qualification, can be done along with 11-12 studies.

Upon completing this level and Foundations in Professionalism, the student is awarded 'Diploma in Accounting and Business'.

  • Level 2:  Skills - 6 Papers (F4-F9)

Second level of qualification, a commerce undergaduate student (B.Com/BBA etc.) can be eligible to begin his/her journey from here. 

Upon completing this level, the student is awarded 'Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business'.

  • Level 3 : Essentials - 3 Papers  (P1-P3)

Third level of the qualification, Indian Chatered Accontants (CAs) can start their journey from here.

  • Level 4 : Options -  Any two (P4-P7)

Final level of the qualfication. Upon completion of the relevent exams and ACCA's online professional ethics module along with compeltion of 3 years of work experience one can be qualified to become an ACCA member. 

Based on your prior academic qualifications you may be eligible for certain exemptions. To check the exemptions applicable to you, please refer the link


Knowledge (Diploma in Accounting & Business)

This is the starting point of ACCA qualification, upon clearing the following 3 papers of this level one can proceed to skills level.


F1 Accountant in Business  (AB)

F2 Management Accounting (MA)

F3 Financial Accounting  (FA) 

Skills (Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business)

You are expected to develop an advance level of understanding of the following 6 subjects, adding to your technical skills. Upon clearing these one can proceed to the essentials level.

If you have opted for it, upon completion of Skills level you will be awarded BSc. (Hons) Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooks University, along with the Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business for the level.


F4 Corporate and Business Law (CL)

F5 Performance Management (PM)

F6 Taxation (TX)

F7 Financia Reporting (FR)

F8 Audit & Assurance (AA)

F9 Financial Management (FM)



This level prepares you for a role of an expert consultant and advisor.


P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics (GR&E)

P2 Corporate Reporting (UK or Int.) (CR)

P3 Business Analysis (BA)


One can choose any 2 papers based upon the subject area expertise one wants to develop, aligning with career goals. 


P4 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

P5 Advanced Performance Management (APM)

P6 Advanced Taxation (ATX)

P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or Int) (AAA)



For  F1-F4 the test comprises of objective type questions, while the rest of the papers have both OTQ and descriptive sections.


F1-F4 : 2 hours

F5-P7 : 3 hours 20 minutes

Passing marks

A score of 50% and above is required to pass an exam.

Exam Schedule:

F1 to F4 are computer based exams (CBE), which can be given at any of the approved CBE centres year around.

F5-P7 exams take place in March, June, September and December.